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This Weeks Entertainment

People say it's like waiting for a bus, you wait ages for one then two come together.

This week I had two fantastic evenings entertainment.

The first was a trip to the theatre to see All or Nothing, the musical based on the 1960's Mod band the Small faces.  
A friend gifted me the tickets and I'm glad she did it was a brilliant show.  It reminded me in its structure of Buddy, the Buddy Holly Story.  It follows the rise and fall of the band and then deals with the tragedy of the lead singer Steve Marriott.   The show starts with the infamous performance at New Years when Marriott sensationally quit the band, the narrator an older Steve Marriott then takes the audience back to the beginning when the band met. 
With live performances of the bands greatest hits including the title song All or Nothing, Itchycoo Park and She La La La Lee, the audience is taken along for the roller coaster ride that was the bands life.  
The ending leaves you with a lump in your throat as the Narr…

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