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Tried and Tested Bake at Home Dog Biscuits

If you follow any of my social media accounts (thank you by the way) you will have seen an inordinate number of photos of my large, fluffy, Golden Retriever Hero.  

Now Hero is a real character, he loves playing with his toys and going on long walks.  He also loves his food but he's a little picky.

Since he was a puppy he has always had a sensitive stomach, a bit like me really.  Anyway, I always try different foods that help me with my sensitivities so why wouldn't I do the same with my dog when he means the world to me.

It took me a long time to find the right dry dog food for Hero, and sometimes he has reactions to treats.  So recently I've been looking for alternatives to shop bought biscuits and treats.

I have so far tried Dehydrated Courgette in place of a rawhide chew - he wasn't so keen.  Peanut Butter drop biscuits which he likes and today I made Cheddar Cheese and Parmesan Pillows.

Hero loves cheese so I knew I was on to a winner, and the dough I made yield…

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