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It's all about the base...

As someone who has word make-up her whole life for multiple reasons I'm always hunting for the perfect base as the first step in my daily makeup routine.

Like most, my skin is far from perfect with a few freckles, imperfections and I'm English pale but not the rosey glow kind so I need to attempt to create that flawless finish everyone is looking for be it matt, dewy or natural.

There are now so many types of primer on the market it can be daunting, do you need BB or CC Cream, a mattifying primer or a tinted one?  

As usual I always go to the experts for advice and try the products together which should work together.

In any review there's always and best and worst, so I'm starting here with the worst and building up to the grand finale: 

The Not So Good 

Clarins SOS Primer -in Universal Light  & Ever Lasting Youth Fluid Foundation in 107 Beige 

Clarins has always been a go to line when my skin has been most sensitive.  Their SOS primer in Universal Light claims to 
  • Sets make-up
  • Boosts radiance and brightens the complexion
  • Protects and hydrates the skin for 24 hours
Unfortunately for me after two months trying this product I remain disappointed.  Granted we are in the Winter months so my skin will be paler than pale and prone to redness due to heating/cold conditions, but this primer had little to no effect on boosting my skin.

I also found it did little to keep my makeup set and felt quite chalky on my skin.

The new formulation for the Everlasting Youth Fluid was recommended for me after a colour test in 107 and the benifits are listed as 

  • Luminous and Radiant complexion
  • Hydrates and smooths skin 
  • SPF15 to help protect skin from harmful rays.
Having used Clarins foundations before I was hopeful for this formula, but I found after an hour the colour oxidised on my skin with or without the primer and slipped after two hours, meaning I needed to constantly reapply setting powder making my face appear duller and heavier which I don't like. 

Purchased from Debenhams 

The Good 

Armani - Luminous Silk Foundation in 04 and Day Long Skin Perfector 

Next to Chanel, Armani is my go to high end foundation and this is my second bottle of Luminous silk but the first time I've tried it with the primer. 

The foundation when applied with a brush goes on smoothly and feels light on my skin, it claims to be; 

  • Buildable 
  • Improve texture 
  • Blur imperfections 

For me, building the foundation on certain areas of my face is fine, but in areas around my eyes and t-zone it's problematic as it seems to exerabate my oily t-zone and highlight imperfections in my under eye area. 

Using a setting powder on my t-zone does help for up to three hours and then needs to be reapplied and the make up does last all day. 

The Primer I was recommended I was given in a sample size so I wasn't able to experiment as much as I did with the Clarins products.  However, this combination worked well, my foundation looked better with the primer and lasted a little longer - my t-zone did require reapplication of setting powder even with the primer.  

I found the colour stayed true all day and didn't oxidise 

This is a duo if I'm treating myself I would consider purchasing again 

Purchased from Debenhams 

The Best 
Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream in no.23 and Missha Magic Lasting Cushion in no.23 

This is the first time I've tried Missha products following a recommendation, and I'm glad to say I haven't been disappointed.  

Starting out with just the cushion foundation on it's own without primer, I am able to tailor the coverage from light to more intense conceakir like coverage.  

It did take some getting used to using the puff to pat the product in to the skin rather than how I would blend using a brush or my fingers.  

Using the primer helps to give better coverage, allowing my imperfections to be hidden without looking too heavy, it also gives a glow rather than sheen which I find comes with some products on my combination skin.  

With the primer the foundation lasts all day without reapplication.  I found I also used less setting powder focusing mainly on my t-zone rather than all over my face. 

I would use the combination as part of my everyday routine.

I purchased this product from K-Beauty UK 

Laneige Layering Cover Cushion - No 23

This two in one product gives both a light foundation and base concealer in one refillable compact.  
Using the concelor product on the tip of the sponge, pay attention to areas were you need a little more coverage, for my around my t-zone, then use the foundation side to give a lightweight cover to the rest of your face. 

Again it took some getting used to to press this product in to skin rather than blending with a brush.  But each time I use this product it's looking better on my skin.  It lasts at least six hours without reapplying setting powder and doesn't cling to the fine lines around my eyes.  

The colour stays true and works well on my pale skin. 

I like this is a two for one product and I can wear this everyday. 

I was gifted this product as a sample to try by K-Beauty UK .  I was not asked to review.  


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