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Winter Bedding Makeover - Snuggle Down and Stay Warm

It's finally here, the nights are drawing in, the temperature is starting to drop and it's time to say goodbye to my barely there summer duvet and welcome back my thick, heavy, cuddly winter duvet.  Only, the last couple of winters, the synthetic duvet just hasn't cut it, don't get me wrong, it's been okay.  As a 15tog rating it kept me warm on cold nights and it felt like a winter quilt only there was an element of comfort and luxury missing.

When I write novels I see them as movies in my head and I always imagine the settings and rooms as though they are places I can open a door and walk in to.  The character I'm writing at the moment has quite a luxury lifestyle, don't hate her she's lovely I promise, but there are a few scenes in her bedroom and I was imagining how her room would look and I was obsessed with her bed being comfortably luxurious, the kind if you jumped on it you'd disappear swallowed but the depth and thickness of the duvet.

If anyone has seen the film The Aftermath, the bedroom which Kiera Knightley's character  shares with her husband has the deepest, fluffiest duvet ever and it gave me quilt envy!

Now the cold winter nights are on the way I wanted my bed to be something I couldn't wait to get in to and would loath getting out of.   So I did my research and deiced to look at Duck feather and Down duvets.  I already use Duck Feather and Down pillows and have done for years, they are the most comfortable for me.  I've found when I've slept elsewhere on synthetic pillows they are not as comfortable as feather and down.

Duck Feather and down duvets are a natural option, they are light, comfortable and are thought to offer the best quality of sleep.  Being natural fibres they also 'breathe' and absorb moisture and release in the morning when aired.  As feather and down are light and fluffy it gives you that puffy luxurious look on your bed and has the best thermal qualities of a natural fibre.

There are a whole range and quality of Duck and Feather down duvets out there, costs can range from  the £20 mark to the £100+ mark.  Your choice will all depend on your budget and your needs, for those with allergies there are anti allergy versions.

I've been looking around for a while for a duvet that met with my budget and I recently found  a selection on Very in their sale section.  The Everyday Collection has a range of pillows, mattress toppers and duvets all of which are currently in the sale.  I deiced to give the King size 10.5 Tog Duvet and try, and I ordered two sets of the feather and down pillows (Below)

The reviews on both items were pretty positive, so with the sale price I thought this was worth the purchase.

My items arrived within 5 days of my order, the duvet and the pillows come in reusable storage bags which will be great when I need to store my winter duvet over the summer.

I did think I would need to leave the duvet out to puff up but after a quick shake it was good to go.  Some reviews had mentioned a smell from the down but for me there was no odour and i could detect no visible feathers sticking out.

Making up my bed I could tell the duvet was going to give that luxury look to my bed,  combined with the feather pillows it gives my bed that puffed up dive in look.   As to sleeping, well this is a a great combo, I find feather and down pillows are the best to sleep on, m quality of sleep is always superior compared to sleep in a synthetic pillow.  I also find I move around less, I use a silk pillowcase to sleep on to protect my hair and skin, this also helps with my skins sensitivity.

There has been a lot of research and articles lately on weighted blankets and how they help with anxiety and can have a calming effect.  I would say the weight of this duvet does have a somewhat calming effect, it is heavier than a synthetic duvet so I find I move around less in my sleep, which helps me to sleep sounder and more deeply.

All in all I would say I've partially achieved the look I was going for - a higher tog rating or more high end brand may give a fluffier puffed up look but this duvet gets me part way there.   The quality of the product is great so far, I'm hoping for some longevity from the product compared to the synthetic alternatives especially after washing.

All in all I'm pleased with my purchase and looking forward to a good night's sleep.


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