Sound Track to my Life 2017

Music is one of those things in life it's always there whether we realise it or not.  From the sweet song of the birds in the trees to the musical score of the latest movie.  It draws on your emotions lifting you up or making you cry.

I think everyone has a soundtrack to their life, songs that have an impact, that stay with them maybe just for a day or maybe for a lifetime but they each have a place in your story.

So far this year, these are the songs that are forming the soundtrack of my 2017:

1. I love my Life - Robbie Williams

This was the first song I heard this year (well after Auld Lang Syne).  I'm not a huge party person on New Years Eve, I tend to be a home body celebrating with family anyway I was watching Robbie Williams Rocks Big Ben and this was the first song that stuck with me moving in to the new year.

It's a song that has meaning to me - I think we can go through life not being happy, not being satisfied and sometimes our own inner voice plays a part in telling us / reminding us of the bad things, all the things we do wrong, the chances we've missed and so on. But to me the words of this song raise me up, make me think of the positives, it helps me be proud of who I am and what I have become.

2. Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran

The beat of this song gets me, it's a driving song to me.  Driving is a great stress reliever, I've always loved singing along (badly)  to the radio blasting out tunes as the wind rushes by.  It makes you feel awake and alive.

3. Mixed Signals - Robbie Williams

Again this is a driving song for me, I was really quite amused by the music video and the alternate endings.

I've been a 'fan' of Robbie Williams since I was a child and was hugely in to Take That, while Mark was the crush for me I always liked how cheeky Robbie was.  When he left Take That he had some great songs and some not so great songs.  By this time I was growing out of my Take That phase and moving on to something else.  Robbie came in to his own for me when he did Swing When You're Winning - I have a soft spot for swing music and he has just the right mix of old style entertainer and crooner to pull it off.

I think his latest album is a great return to pop and I've loved the releases so far.

4. Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

I first heard this on the Brit Awards show and I think it's the words which got me first then the beat.

Sometimes you hear a song and the words reverberate in your life - "I want something just like this"  - everyone has their own version in their mind  of the life they want, their own personal fairy tale and everyone has their own version of a superhero - but they don't have to be superman not in everything.

5. Beauty and the Beast  - Ariana Grade & John Legend

Beauty and the Beast has always been a favourite fairy take and I was in love with the original Disney Cartoon so this song had to make the list.  Re imagined for a new audience it's still beautiful and timeless.

6. How would you feel - Ed Sheeran

I love a soft and beautiful love song and the version of this I heard was beautifully arranged, just a piano and guitar and it sounded beautiful.  I actually think it's forming part of the soundtrack in my imagination to my latest work.

There have also been moments of nostalgia, hearing George Michael on the radio after his passing and remembering how his songs punctuated my childhood.

I wonder what the coming months will add to my soundtrack and whether they will be for a season or a lifetime


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