Something for the weekend - Girls Night In

The world is a busy place so sometimes it's nice to slow things down and catch up with the important people in your life

Every month or two I get together with my closest friends and have a girls night in.  Going out is great, I love going to restaurants, to the theatre, to the movies but sometimes being out socially doesn't give us a lot of time to catch up fully on what's going on in everyone's lives.

So we will do things like;

Have Afternoon Tea
A 'formal' meal
A buffet with board games

This Saturday we had decided on a Games Night, so this is how I prepare;

  • Generally cleaning my house 
  • Setting the table 
  • Preparing the food  - baking cakes, cooking pastry etc.  
As we use the evening to catch up and relax I tend not to cook a formal meal, I create more of a buffet that we can snack on throughout the night as we talk.   I love cooking and baking so this gives me a chance to try out new recipes and relax in my kitchen

I make sure I have savoury and sweet food as we all have a little bit of a sweet tooth! 

Once the food is ready and I'm ready I light scented candles around my home as I think they create a homely warm and welcoming glow and provide a lovely scent  and I play some background music. 

Once my friends arrive it's all about the catch up.  We generally sit round the table have a few drinks, generally we just have soft drinks such as Elderflower or flavoured waters as  someone is always driving.  

The first few hours of the evening are all about catching up, the food and drink as a nice comforting second to finding out what's been going on since the last time we were all together and discussing what we plan to do in the near future.  We all have different jobs, hobbies and social lives and it's great to just have time to talk and share things, we give each other support, encouragement and make each other laugh. 

Times like this are invaluable, making time for friends helps me make time for me.  When life is hectic you can miss out on things and sitting down in a clam and welcoming space with people you love and trust can be amazingly beneficial. 

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