What's In My Handbag

I know a lot of people invest heavily in handbags - I'm not one of those people, I tend to change my bag a lot, and well I don't want to pay thousands of pounds for something I take to my day job where it may well get damaged.  But I do like to have nice bags!

I 've discussed in an earlier post what my style is so when it comes to bags it should be no surprise that my current bag is quite a classic shape.  Granted it has the pompom flash of fun but other wise it's a classic black tote.

So, what's actually hiding in there;

1. My purse

My current purse is from Fiorelli and is black and cream.  I like this one as it has a lot of spaces for my cards and a clear pocket where i keep a photo of my parents which I like to have with me all the time - since I lost my dad this is a precious keep sake.

2. My Phone

Like most people my phone is never far away from me.  I'm currently using an I Phone, which I love as it connects me to my network of laptop, PC and I pad.

As I use other MAC products I like the I phone as it's able to integrate with them all

I use a protective toughened glass cover to protect my screen and I vary the covers depending on my mood or what I'm doing that day.

3. My I Pad

Generally my I Pad is always with me.  I've had this one quite a while now but I love it still.  It's great to do general social media admin on and also as I move around a lot in my day job I can take my music, movies and TV with me for when I'm locked away in someone else office on my own.

4. My charging kit

I created a little kit to keep with me should any battery fail!  In here I have a battery charger for my phone (this one is a gift from clarions) it holds two full charges for my phone which comes in handy on those busy days, I also carry it's charging cable so I can top it up when I need to.  I carry a spare cable for my phone and for my I pad and a plug to get a mains charge if I can.

5. My Note Book and pen

I'm a writer - I always have a note book!  IN this I write anything and everything, from lists of things I need to do, to ideas for my next book, character names, conversations that may work in a story somewhere down the line.

6. My Paper Diary

I tend to keep a paper diary as a back up to my electronic one - generally because I keep everything in here and my day job due to the nature of the industry can change at short notice so just in case I carry this one to take notes and back up what I need to know

7. Mini Make-up bag

Having a quick go to collection of beauty items is essential for me.  I carry lip balm, Lipstick (Clarins), face powder (Givenchy), perfume (Currently Burbury black) I tend to keep sample perfumes for a quick fix as their size is ideal, hair brush or comb, tissues.

8. Keys

The keys to my life, my home, my car, you get the idea

9.  My current read

I take a book with me most places I go, you never know when you will have a spare five minutes to read.

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