What's My Signature Style?

If you're like me, it may have taken you a while to figure out your signature style with a few missteps along the way.    When I was a child I didn't really go in too much clothes, make up on the other hand was a staple from a young age a tool to hide behind.   In a way make up is still a mask for me, but not in the sense of hiding myself any longer I use make up to find the best version of myself.

The same goes for my clothes, it took a long time for me to become comfortable in my own skin and therefore comfortable in the clothes I wanted to wear and to become comfortable with what suits me. 
I'm now thirty something, so the experimental  clothing of my early twenties is over.  I've changed my look several times over from the colour and style of my hair I've been brunette, red head and blond.  I've adjusted my makeup from the influence of my youth the colours of the 80's when I was first learning to put on make up - I remember a lot of blue eyeshadow - to the more neutral colours and lighter make up of the current trends. 

I suppose when you are young you are influenced by TV, Magazines, celebrities and your peers.  The later for me wasn't  a concern or an influence but the rest was.  I watched movies as often as I could, I loved them and still do, one of the major influences in my youth were films of the 1940's classics like Meet Me In St Louis, Holiday Inn, Now Voyager,  the costumes in the movies were so enchanting, so beautiful, the leading ladies were visions of beauty.   I think those impressions have always stayed with me.

Now I think I'm pretty settled in my style, don't get me wrong I will still make mistakes, putting on an outfit then look back and wonder what I was thinking but most of the time I thin I know what I like and what suits me.  

My signature style is  Classic with an undertone of Chic.   How do I come to that conclusion?   

Well, if you opened my wardrobe the colour palette is mostly black, white, neutral colours with the odd item of colour that would be teamed with the black to make it pop.  there are classic cut trousers, dark jeans and slim black trousers.  My tops tend to be high neck/crew neck rather than v-neck or low cut as my allergies tend to flare up the skin of my decolletage  so I protect it as much as possible from the elements and irritants.  My shoes are predominantly heels, in varying heights, knee high boots and some lower heel casual boots or ballet pumps.  My skirts are predominantly pencil skirts or flowing summer skirts that hit below the knee.    My handbags are classic tote shapes in various sizes generally in classic shades of Black, Grey, Cream or red.  

There are staple items in my wardrobe that form the basis of my style; 

The LBD 
I'm a true believer in having a little black dress which will see you through most occasions, and I do have several which I must admit I have worn double the amount of times I've worn coloured or patterned dresses.   To my mind you can turn a black in to the dress for any occasion with the right accessories.   Audrey Hepburn made this an  iconic wardrobe staple and I don't think anything will ever be as classically chic and elegant as the perfect little black dress.  

Trousers / Jeans 

I wear mostly black trousers or dark coloured jeans or jeggings again these are items that are classic and can be casual, smart or dressy depending on what you wear with them. 

Shirts and Tops 

A white shirt is a wardrobe essential and are amazingly adaptable, wearing with a jumper over the top or a vest underneath you can dress up a shirt with jewellery, broaches, scarfs etc. 

Classic colours always look smart so I usually have navy, white/cream tops and then a couple of bold colours to add a bit of pop to an outfit.  


A classic pair of black heels is a must in my wardrobe my current favourites are a black, classic shape with ankle straps and gold studs, they work well with dresses and also with ankle grazer trousers. 

For colder months i love my knee high boots, generally made of suede or a similar material.  

Depending on what I'm doing I also love casual boots, but they still have that classic look, more often with a smaller heel or a wedge heel to still give me a little height and extension of my legs to give a leaner look.  

Ankle boots are also a staple in a classic black or brown to fit in with longer or wider leg trousers.  I tend to go for more simple kitten heels or medium heels in ankle boots as they are more comfortable for me.  


I'm not  the type of person to invest in handbags, I do see the appeal but I choose to invest my money in other things.  This doesn't mean my handbags detract from my overall signature.  I stick to classic styles, for work I use larger tote bags my current favourite is a black tote with handles or a shoulder strap, there's a pop of fun with a pom pom accessory which I love.  

For more casual weekends I use a smaller tote or shoulder bag in classic colours such as Black or grey.

I also find handbags are a way to express a little fun, currently I have pompoms hanging from my tote, or a scarf wrapped round the handle to add a pop of colour or a little nod towards my personality. 

Coats & Jackets 

Living in England a coat is a must!  It's freezing right now so I'm usually wrapped up in my black wool and fur effect collared calf length coat.  This is amazingly warm and reminds me of the 1920's style.  

I also have a red wool wrap coat which I wear a lot in the winter 

In the spring summer I go for lighter jackets and stick to classic blazer style cuts.


I use a lot of accessories to change the look of an outfit, this allows me to change the look of a jumper or a dress to give me multiple options.   Using broaches, necklaces, pins, scarf's to change the look of an outfit gives me a variety on a tight budget.  

No matter what your age fashion is something you can experiment with and take pride in.  It doesn't matter what the label says, or how much you pay for the item, what matters is how it makes you feel when you wear it.  

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