New Year Goals

Happy New Year!  It's the start of 2017, the first page of this years blank book, what will you write on yours?

Last year I set myself some 'resolutions' which in the most part I achieved.  So here I go for 2017 planning what I want to achieve this year;

Writing Related Goals & Resolutions 

Lets start off with the love of my life - my writing.

1. The Poppy Garden

Last year I wanted to finish my novel The Poppy Garden and publish is for Remembrance Day, which I did, so this year in relation to this book project I will work on Marketing and promoting it to as many readers as possible.

This book is a personal one for me, if you've read my blog before you know it comes from my Grandfather's personal dealings with PTSD, it's probably the hardest thing I've ever written and was a true labour of love.

As an independent author the marketing and promotion is all down to me so I need to work on a strategy for that this year.

2. A New Project

Now that The Poppy Garden is complete it's time to start working on a new idea and write my next novel.  I have several options that's I'm fleshing out write now to decide which one I want to run with first.

3.  Release a fourth Novel

I've always took my time with writing and not really set target dates that push me - I need to reevaluate that this year and be more proactive, consistent and determined to complete projects in an agreed time scale.

Personal Goals 

As Big Ben rang in the new year I thought about what I wanted to achieve to make my life better and how I would go about doing that.

1.  I love my Life - if anyone like me watched Robbie Williams singing on New Years Eve/New Years Day, his latest song had a real resonance with me.  Life is the messy bits, its never quite as you imagine it, or maybe you're lucky and it is.  But the thing about life is you have to live it, even when it's hard and you want to bury your head under the duvet and stay there till the world goes away or when it's great and you're having the time of your life, it's all got to be experienced, enjoyed, understood and loved.

It's about understanding who I am and as a person how unique and wonderful I am, and that's not to sound like I'm bragging but I am a wonderful person, everyone is in their own way, we just need to understand and appreciate what is wonderful about us and believe in it.

So thank you Robbie, you have given me a mantra for the year;

2. Health and wellbeing - doesn't everyone start January saying I'm going to exercise more, eat well, loose weight and tone up?  Well maybe that works for some people, but for me it's become something you say you're going to do but it slips off the radar when you're tired, you've had a long day or something more appealing comes up.

So this year instead of convincing myself I need to get in to a gym routine or diet I'm going to approach it differently.  I challenge myself to find different ways to improve my health, be it going on a longer walk with my dog, Hero or a more challenging one, trying new workouts at home to see which I like and enjoy not forcing myself in to a mundane routine where I  loose heart and interest.

I will try new foods and I plan to be more organised when preparing my meals.  For instance making sure I plan a healthy lunch which is appropriate to be carried with me where ever I may end up eating!  

To make wiser food decisions, maybe not have two biscuits with a cup of tea... even if they are rather tempting.

3.Find better ways to manage stress
Life can be stressful, you can have general day to day stresses and then big all mighty kick you in the stomach stresses.  I've had a few of both this last year, so this year I need to find ways to manage that stress better and not to take the knocks as hard as I have done in the past.

4. Reading Challenge
Reading is something which soothes me and something which helps me grow as a person.  It feeds my mind as exercise feeds your body.  Last year I had a reading goal of 25 books on Goodreads which I achieved.  So this year I've bumped it to 30 - you might not think that's a lot but it's about having a realistic balance and not setting myself up to fail and feel bad about it.

5.  Building Confidence and Positivity.
I'm not a confident person and sometimes I can spiral in to worry, stress and negativity. This year I plan to find a more positive outlook in all things personal and professional.  I don't want to feel wound up about things I can't control but I also want to feel that there are routes to take that will help me find my way through any issue without causing me too much stress and heartache.

Blogs and Blogging

Blogging has been something I've been learning how to do over the past two years, now it's time to start working on it in a more consistent and professional manner;

1. Set a blog schedule and stick to it - my posts to the end of last year became erratic and I missed quite a few due to other influences in my life - well it's time I started putting my blog as a priority after all how many readers/followers will stick around if I don't hold up my end of the deal.

Well I suppose that's enough of a start for now!  I hope you all had a wonderful New Year and I hope 2017 brings you all that your heart desires.  Enjoy each day and make the book of your life and amazing one.

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