Brunch Time Baking

There's nothing better than the smell of fresh baking.  I love to bake and I love to try new things.  This is a recipe I've been playing about with this idea from Sainsbury's since Christmas for a mid morning pick me up.

You will need: 

  • Puff Pastry - ready rolled is ideal 
  • Jam / Mincemeat - for the filling - as you play with the recipe there are loads of other things you could use 
  • Cinnamon - around two table spoons (for sweet toppings) 
  • Sugar - around two table spoons (for sweet toppings) 
You can use any filling/topping you like - for example tomato and cheese (probably a hard cheese like parmesan would be best) to create a pizza like twist.  

Step one 

Preheat your oven to around 180 degrees  (fan) 200 degrees  

Pepare a a baking sheet with grease proof paper - you can at a push use the paper that comes with your pasty 

Mix the cinnamon and sugar together - you can keep this in a bowl or as I do put it in a dispenser like and unused salt seller, it can then be used for other things such as toppings on your coffee. 

Step two - Mincemeat Twists

Roll out the pastry and cut in half.  Place one half to one side for now. 

With the remaining piece cut this in half 

One one piece spread out your chosen filling  - for me this is mincemeat 

Place the other half on top - like making a sandwich 

Sprinkle your cinnamon and sugar mix over the pastry.  

Taking a rolling pin gently roll across the pastry to press the mix in to it.  Don't press too hard or your filling will come out. 

Flip your pastry and sprinkle the cinnamon & sugar on this side and press this in with the rolling pin 

Gently cut your pastry in to strips - twist each strip and place on your baking tray 

Place you baking tray in to the fridge or a cool place for around 20 minutes to set he pastry 

Once the pastry is set place your tray in the oven for around ten minutes - keep checking until the pastry is golden brown  

Step three - Raspberry Jam Twists

Take your remaining half of the pastry 

Cut it in half,

Take your second topping - mine is raspberry jam 

spread on to one half  of the pastry 

Place the second piece of pastry on top just as before. 

Sprinkle your cinnamon and sugar mix over the top and roll with the rolling pin. 

If you are using jam there will probably be some that comes out of the middle 

Flip your pastry and sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mix pressing it in gently with the rolling pin 

Gently cut the pastry in to strips and twist in to shape placing them on a baking tray

Let the pastry rest and set in the fridge or somewhere cool  for 20 mins 

Place in the oven and leave for 10 minutes - keep checking and remove when golden brown 

Allow both sets to cool then enjoy with your morning coffee 
These can be kept for approximately two days in an airtight tin if you can resist the for that long! 


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