GoodBye Summer...Hello Autumn

Summer is on the wane now September is here, although there is talk of an Indian Summer next week.  For me however I'm ready for the cooler weather, heat has never been a best friend to me.  I'm pale skinned and I take after my grandad when I get too hot.  It just doesn't agree with me.  I like a few weeks of summer but clammy nights takes it toll on me as sleeping when you're just too hot is not easily accomplished.

On the no so selfish side, it's also a lot better for my dog, Hero, when it gets cooler, his thick fur coat becomes more helpful than a hindrance.

Besides, being born in September also makes me an autumn child, there's just something about the start of this season that is rather exciting.  So this blog will be me discussing why it is I love this season....

1. The colours of Autumn

Summer is bright and bountiful, the colours are amazingly bright, light and cool.  You wear clothes that are light in shade, aqua and yellow look brilliant in the sun - not so great in mid winter.  Make up colours are lighter almost bare.

But in Autumn, the colours are amazingly deep and rich and warming.  The deep oranges, red and greens are amazing and I love watching the leaves change, it makes the world look cosy, rich and bountiful.

2. Comfort Food

Now in summer, when you're hot and clammy you really don't want hot food.  Salads become the norm but in autumn, when the nights start drawing in you crave homely comfort rich warm food.  Who could resist Mince and Dumplings, cottage pie, hot apple pie with cinnamon.

There's something so very special about the foods you eat in winter, the seasonal veg and produce are tastier and more adaptable than salad and believe me I love salad.

3. Darker Nights

As the days grow darker there's something comforting in the darkness drawing in the lights going on and a blazing fire in the grate.  Home becomes your haven to cuddle up in not an oven to escape out of.

I love walking my dog in the cold dark nights trampling over the crisp leaves, hearing their crunching sounds.  the way the trees bow and on cloudless nights you can see all the stars.

4. Seeing Your Breath

Whether it be when you leave the house on a morning or come home on the evening there's something special and magical about seeing your breath in the cold night air.

5. Layers of clothing

Now I don't get on with heat - the summer kind of stifling weather heat where you have such light layers of clothing on and your still to hot. But in the cold autumn days and nights there's something special and comforting about layering your clothing and the colours you can wear.

6.  Halloween Decorations

After Easter there's not really any holidays, summer is a season you don't really decorate for.  I love to decorate and design.  I love to change the look of my home, and as September turns to October I will love pulling out all the Halloween decorations I have accumulated.  They make the house look warmer - yes even with skulls and witches.

Plus once you take those down and the bonfires have all been burned and fireworks have lit the sky it's only a couple of weeks before you get to the most magical and beloved season.

I'm an autumn winter child, I love the cold fresh feeling of autumn and the crispness of the on coming winter.  What traditions do you have when the clocks go back?

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