Get Ready With Me - Pamper Routine

Life is hectic, stressful and chaotic, it can play havoc with your skin, your health and your general wellbeing.  Sometimes you just have to say stop and take a little time for yourself to give your body a treat and recharge your batteries for the days/weeks ahead.

After going through periods of stress and anxiety I found that taking some time to have a mini pamper session could lift my mood, help my skin and lower my stress levels.  I try at least once a week to give myself a mini pamper session to relax and refocus my mind.

This is currently my pamper routine;

As we move in to Spring I'm exfoliating my skin with Calcot Manor Body salts, this is refreshing my skin and leaving it feeling smooth after months of being hidden under long sleeves and jumpers.
I apply to damp skin using a circular motion starting at the feet and working my way up.


I then shower off the salts which do leave a bit of oil on the skin, I tend to follow up with Treacle Moon shower/bath in Lemonade or Almond I love the smell of these two.  Lemonade is light and fizzy perfect for spring while Almond well I love almonds and marzipan so this couldn't really go wrong for me.


I use a Wilkinson Sword razor and pat dry the skin following up with Aveeno body cream and Bi Oil for any scars or patches on my skin.  If I'm having a reaction to any product I use an E45 cream or Sudocream to bring it under control.  If my skin has been particularly bad I use Organic Coconut oil which adds moisture and calms irritation.

For my Face I use Clarins cleanser and then Foaming cleanser which I was off with a face cloth, the double cleanse ensures all makeup is removed.  I then apply an exfoliator or mask depending on how my skin feels - Currently I have Clarins Truly Matte Mask and Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliator Cream.

For my Hair I'm currently using OGX - I tried this brand last year as I was tired of paying over the odds for salon brands and not feeling like they were having a great result.  So I looked for more tragic brands and came across Andalou Naturals which I still love and OGX.  I've stuck with OGX purely as it's easier to get hold of.  I'm currently using their Argan Creme which leaves my hair feeling soft and bouncy - as I style my hair a lot with hair tongs this seems to revive and limit the damage.


I also use Fabuloso which was recommended by my hairdresser as my hair is bleached.  I have naturally very dark brown black hair but for the last several years I've been dying it a lighter blonde tone.  So this treatment is a purple toner which removes the brassiness form my hair between saloon visits.   I would recommend gloves when applying and if you have long hair you will probably need up to 12 pumps of product rather than the 8 it states on the bottle.

Once washed clean of product I use Moroccan oil treatment on my hair and I'm currently trying the Glamoriser Detangle and Dry Brush Dryer.  I'm slowly getting used to this - I'm the type of person who has not mastered the art of the perfect blow dry.  I can multi task with practically anything else but stick a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other and something just doesn't compute in my head.

So I'm trying this out to see if it helps me style my hair any better.


It does leave my hair smoother with less fly aways.  As yet I'm not sure what benefit the infrared is but according to the site it helps dry your hair faster - as I'm not yet fully confident with the dryer its still taking me a little time to get the effect I want.

I would say I am using it as part of pamper routine as sometimes when I wash my hair I don't have time to do more than a quick dry with my blow dryer and style later.

Once all dried off I use Clarins Mission Perfect Serum on my face to take care of a couple of areas of discolouration on my skin and then use Multi Active Night to finish off my skin care.

Pampering your hands and feet is also important and I tend to use Opi Infinite Shine Gel polish, this doesn't require a light to dry or set and I've found my skin tolerates this more than other brands.  I also use Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream throughout the day to protect and moisturise my skin.

Taking the time to take care of the outside helps me focus and relax the inside and prepares me for the next challenge.

What would be your perfect pamper routine?

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