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My last post explained where I sit when it comes to brand loyalty.  I'm in the middle.

I like to know what I'm using works for my skin be it make up, skin care, or nail varnish.  It's hard for me to find products that work with my sensitivity, so I tend to find a brand and stick with it if it works.  I also however need a back up plan and sometimes I just need to change a product as it's not giving me the results I want. 

Right now, I'm experimenting, now this can prove costly unless you know who to ask. 

For me I learned a long time ago to try before you buy if at all possible.   I don't want to be left with a product that's cost a fortune but sits on my shelf because it doesn't suit my skin.  There are a number of brands who will take things back - I had such an experience last year with Bobbi Brown, they were great after I suffered a reaction in refunding my purchase but I had to prove my reaction to them before I could get my money back which if you're not prepared for it can leave you out of pocket.  

If you do have a reaction to a product I would advise taking a photo - or if you need to see a GP like I did keep copy of your medical report and prescriptions.  

The best way I've found to sample a product is to speak to the assistants at the counter if there is one. Clarins, Channel, Givenchy and YSL are great in my experience.  I generally speak to the assistant explain my situation and ask if its possible to have a take home sample.  Now some products they won't have samples for and sometimes those they do if it's something like foundation may not match your skin tone but it will give you the opportunity to test the product for a day maybe two and see how your skin reacts.  

A couple of months ago I saw a review online for Elemis new Biotec Range.  It looked amazing, but having never used Elemis before I was concerned it wouldn't be right for my skin.  As there isn't an Elemis counter or spa near me I decided to ask their online advisors if they could help. 

Now this is what gives me confidence in a brand, they responded within 24 hours and asked if I would complete a skin analysis form for them.  I did so, it took maybe ten minutes out of my day.  The advisor was great, polite and promo in her responses.  She came back to me the next day with a list of products she would recommend for me and asked if I would like to sample them first.  

That's a win for me - the brand cares enough about it's product and client to want to ensure it's the right product before you buy.

Within an few days I received a package in the post with samples of the Biotec Range and their Marine cream range.  

These samples have been enough for me to test my sensitivity and check they provide me with the outcome I'm looking for. 

This new range, looks impressive.  The bottles are bright and clear allowing you to see the product inside.   

There are three main components 
  • Day Cream 
  • Night Cream 
  • Cleanser 
The day cream and night cream mix a two phase product which will Hydrate and nourish your skin as well as give it a boost.  I must admit I didn't think it would have much of an impact but after using it for two days my skin did seem a lot brighter and clearer and I didn't have any reaction to the product. 

The cleanser is a gel which you use on dampened skin and it helps to rebalance the skin.  It feels great on and doesn't dry the skin out the way some deep pore cleansers can  

Pro Collagen Marine Cream 
This is the day to day range that I was recommended for my age/skin type.  The moisturiser has a subtle sent which I didn't mind and feels quite rich on the skin.  I've had no reaction to it over the three days I've been testing it and it works well as a base for my make up.  I do notice it doesn't deal as well with my oily t-zone as I'd like but that could make it more suitable for a winter skin care routine than a summer one.  

What I've liked about Elemis, apart from it being a product I can use is the customer service.  It gave me a great impression of the brand, there was no push to purchase and the provision of samples has encouraged me and will probably impact on my choice of purchase in the future. 

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