The Art of Cleaning Make Up Brushes

I love makeup.  I have worn it everyday since I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I've tried hundreds of ways of applying my make up, experimented with colours and changed my look from heavy to light to somewhere in between over the years.

The one thing that's always remained a constant though is on a regular basis cleaning my tools.  My grandfather always said you can tell a good workman by the way they treat their tools.  I'm careful with my make up brushes and renew them every few years as they start to loose hair and shape.

Currently I have two sets which I use combined, this also allows me to have one set cleaned and using a second set while they dry.  I have sensitive skin and I can always tell if I've left it too long between cleansing sessions.  Usually I try to wash my brushes once a week, usually they are okay for two weeks, longer than that I start to notice my make up isn't as smooth as I like and my skin may start showing signs of breakouts.

To clean my brushes I use a mild shampoo, I have tried other cleansers over the years but I tend to settle on a shampoo as it lathers nicely and brings out all the particles that can get stuck in he brush bristles.

I start off laying out a soft towel where I will place the brushes once cleaned.  I then run the tap until the water is moderately warm.

I dampen the brushes and then swirl in shampoo.

A few months ago I bought this little Silicone cleaning gadget from amazon and it's really great for getting the  embedded make up out of any brush.

I run the brushes under the water and repeat until the water runs clear and there's no trace of powder or foundation in the brush.

I place the brushes flat shaping the bristles gently back in to place.  After a while I wrap the brushes in a hair turban and hang this in my airing cupboard which ensures all the moisture is removed.

Then they are ready to use again.

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