Me Before You Preview - Review

As you know I love movies and I have a long list to see this year.  It's been a good year so far in terms of movies, there's been quite a few that I've really enjoyed and Monday Night I got to see another good movie.

Me Before You in Cinemas 3 June 2016
Me Before You is based on the novel by Jojo Moyles, I must admit I haven't read the book.  It was originally published in 2012 and having just lost my father who I was carer for I wasn't really up for reading it given the subject matter.

Roll on a few years and the book is now a movie starting Emilia Clarke of Games of Thrones fame and Sam Claffin (Pirates of the Caribbean & The Hunger Games).  The screenplay penned by Jojo Moyles gave me hope that the movie would be true to the spirit of the novel which the book groups I am in do rave about.

When the opportunity came up to go to a preview screening at Cineworld I thought why not, I'll just ensure I take a box of tissues!

Tissues was a great call, and I highly recommend anyone who is going to take a handful you will need them.

Starting off with Will who has the aspirational man about town lifestyle filled with adventure fun and a gorgeous girlfriend, his life seems perfect until his accident.  Then we flip to Lou, who isn't as put together, she drifts from job to job not really carving out a career of her own more making ends meet to help support her family.

Inevitably Lou ends up working for Will's family as his carer and she sets about not only helping him to find happiness in his situation but also finding out who she is as a person.

Emilia Clarke was brilliantly funny and touching as Lou and really do fall in love with her, not so much in her choice of personal trainer and motivational coach boyfriend played by Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter).

Claffin as Will is touching and brings a lot of gravitas to a role where his body movement is limited and most of his performance is through his eyes.  You really do come to feel for Will and his situation.

This is a really touching and thought provoking movie, you will laugh but you will cry a lot if you're anything like me - so ladies water proof mascara is a great idea!

Me Before You is in Cinemas from 3 June 2016 

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