Do Blondes have more fun?

The evolution of my hair, well there's a story;

When I was born, my mam always reminds me, I went missing in the hospital for a while because the nurses were amazed at my thick jet black hair and decided to show me off as my mam slept.  I'm sure if that happened now there's be some major case review and heads would roll!  Anyway, the point is I was born with a lot of rich dark hair and while the thickness has never changed, the colour well.....

Before The Cut 

As I grew my hair grew long and dark changing from jet black to a deep brown/black with a hint of red. I think at one point it was waist length that was until I found a pair of scissors and thought I'd make a great hairdresser - the results horrified my mam and I ended up with my first ever bob.

This should have been a life lesson and I should never have let another pair of scissors near my hair again, only well as I came in to my teens I decided to cut my hair off and have a pixie style only it didn't quite work as my hair was too thick and I spent the next six years growing it out with differing levels of success.

At 16 I ventured in to the world of hair dye experimenting with highlight and bangs.  I left my hair to grow back in until it was shoulder length and instead of cutting save for my bangs I just experimented with colour instead.    I added red to my dark brown, then plum, I tried highlights and low lights, all over colour and back to my dark roots again.

I was in my twenties and I just out of uni when I  decided to go blonde. I did manage to do this wisely as I changed my colour in stages using more and more highlights and adjusting the intensity until I got the colour I wanted. I knew I would suit blonde as my mam was a platinum blonde in her 20's and If you see a picture of her then it looks like I've gone back in time. I definitely inherited my looks from her side of the family.

going blonde 
I have gone back and forth from blonde to brown a few times since then but now as a thirty something I'm of the opinion I should really stay in the blonde colour range and there's a number of reasons for this.

1. My natural dark colour plus my pale skin tone make me look ghostly and not in a good way.  I see so many models with gorgeous deep brown hair and pale skin but it just doesn't work for me.  Dark hair makes my skin look sallow and I have to wear a lot of fake tan to look human.

2. I suite being a blonde - it's like some people suit wearing hats and some don't in my opinion and some others I trust I'm better as a blonde than a brunette

3. As I get older grey/white hairs start to appear and they are less noticeable in my lighter hair colour than they would be in my dark hair.

So, today  I'll be visiting my hairdresser to get my roots done as it's been almost three months since my last visit and my roots are showing a little too much now.  My base colour is currently a dark blonde.  My hairdresser always finds dying my hair a challenge as I have a lot of copper naturally which I get from my mam's Strawberry blonde hair.  I'll also be adding a half a head of highlights to brighten up my hair and lift it for the summer, if we get one here in England that is!

My cut tends to stay the same, I've grown out my bangs which I used to hide behind and I'm now trying to embrace a more open faced look.  My hair has a natural wave and after years of straightening it I know embrace the wave and curl it often than have it straight.

embracing the curl
As for haircare, as my hair is bleached and dyed I use Moroccan Oil Hair treatment before I style it.  For washing I use OGX organics, this is a reasonably priced shampoo and conditioner which give me a soft clean look and help keep my hair in good condition.

I use a homemade coconut oil hair mask once a week and I use heat protecting spray whenever I dry and style my hair.

Do I have more fun as a blonde?  Maybe, I definitely have more confidence, or maybe that's just come with age and understanding who I am.   I wouldn't say being blonde draws more attention or makes me act any differently I think it's just who I really am inside.

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