What's in My Handbag.....

I've seen a lot of 'What's in my handbag' vlogs on YouTube, now while I'm good with words I'm not so good on camera - I guess it's one of those areas I need to build confidence in, anyway, back to the point, I thought I'd do a written a version for my spring handbag.

So, I have just got a new bag, my last one was taking a bit of a battering, so it was time for a change.  Coming in to spring you'd think I'd go for something light, bright etc. but well I'm practical a lot of the time.  I didn't want to spend a great deal on a new bag, I wanted to keep the price below £20, so I decided to look at some of the sales which are still ongoing.

Now, just because I was looking in the sales doesn't mean there wasn't an array of choice and colours, but as I said practicality comes in to it.  I'm not just a blogger and I'm not just a novelist, I also have a Monday to Friday job as a PA.  So, my bag needs to be many things,

  • Durable
  • Light
  • Spacious
  • Multi-functional

Practically the white tote I saw while within the budget i set was gorgeous, it wouldn't really work getting dragged around my day job, I move around a lot meeting to meeting, location to location.  I know this because I have a lovely cream/black Chanel inspired bag that I did drag around with me for about a month and well it needed a lot of TLC to bring the colour back.

So, I plumbed for this, Black tote, with white edge detailing.

Structured Overlay Tote 

Yes it's black, but that's practical for me and it goes with whatever I'm wearing - mostly - so I don't need to change to match my outfit every few days.  It has two different textures which I love and the white edging lifts the colour.  The handles are study it's the right size for the things I carry with me daily.  Its a classic style which fits with my general look.

It has three compartments, one with a zip for my personal items, purse, phone, make up bag, hard drive & chargers, my I pad and lap top also fit in the other compartments as well as my notebook and pen.

This is my day bag, but I also sometimes have nights off!  I decided to treat myself to a new evening/smaller bag for those times when I'm not carrying the world with me every where I go.

I chose this black circle detail long shoulder bag, again I went for black, which is a bit unusual for me, my last few bags have been navy and cream colours.  This bag isn't as small as you may think, it's quite roomy for its size and I can carry my essentials, plus notebook and pen easily.

Circle Detail Shoulder Bag  
The chain is gold in colour and the material is almost suedette, and I love wearing this with jeans and a short jacket, it makes an understated outfit stand out.

So this is what's in my hand bag, I will admit my I pad is missing as I used that to take the photo!

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