Tried & Tested - Fleur De Force Make Up Range

I'm usually very wary about trying new products on my skin, for a long time I've stuck to trusted brands but sometimes even after years of using a product a reaction can develop.  So I decided to start trying new products selectively and hopefully find some new items that will work for me.

I've followed Fleur's blog/Vlog for a little over eighteen months now, I find her videos interesting, friendly and informative.  It's like having a conversation with a friend over coffee.  So when she launched her make up line last year I was interested to see how it would work out.

Fleur De Force Make Up Line 

I didn't purchase her products initially as I wasn't sure they were for my age range.  But after watching her videos where she demonstrates the eye shadows and lip balms and seeing some of the reviews come in I started to think that maybe this would be something I could try.

I've been giving my skin time to settle down after having a reaction last year to an eye product, I wanted to make sure my skin was ready to try something new. While browsing the internet a couple of weeks ago I noticed had some offers on, so I took a look.

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Anyway, I noticed Fleur's range was on offer and coupled with cash back this sounded like a good deal to try the product out.


Starry Starry Night 
Written in the Stars 

I'm currently have dark blonde hair and my eyes are blue, I chose the lip gloss based on the video posted on Fleur's  YouTube channel launching the line.

Written in the Stars is quite a natural everyday colour - it was a little darker than I thought but it works for me as I have quite a dark/rich pigmented lip colour anyway.  This is the one I'll probably get the most wear out of as I can wear it for work and it works well with my every day make up look.
I like the texture, it's quite creamy compared to other lip glosses which can be quite sticky. It stays on okay for me, I try to drink a lot or tea/water during the day so I know I'll have to reapply which is no different to the some of the high end glosses I've tried.

Starry Starry Night, is a deep berry colour, it's bright and vibrant and I like how it lifts my look.  I would say I'd keep the rest of my make up quite muted as this is quite a strong colour for me.  I would also say it's probably something I'd use more in cooler months (Autumn/Winter/Spring) rather than in Summer where I would want a more natural look.

The packaging is nice and the applicator is soft and spreads the gloss quite well.

I've been using these for the last couple of days and I really like the colours and the longevity of the product- for the price these are great and I would repurchase.


Cosmic Bronze: Coconut Cream, Taupe Brown, Mink Shimmer and Cocoa Brown.
Lunar Rose: Baby Pink, Rose Gold, Shimmer Rose and Soft Mauve.

The eye shadow quads I was a little nervous about, I don't think the website pictures do them justice.  I thought the palette looked flimsy on line but in fact it's quite robust.  I haven't tried the little brush that comes with the eye shadow, it's cute but just not practical for me so I reverted to my trusty eye shadow brushes and blender.  

I also thought I'd like Lunar Rose more than Cosmic Bronze, but it's actually the reverse.

I've been wearing these for the last couple of days, I tried Lunar Rose first an stuck to the palette.  I did use my Clarins eye make up base which I use daily anyway.  I found the Baby Pink of Lunar Rose a little darker pink than I would usually use so I did use a lighter base colour from my Mac Pallette as a highlight on the second day of using this pallete.  This is just my personal preference as I like a lighter colour on my brown bone. as my skin tone is probably more peachy than Fleur's.  

I love the other colours and can use them every day. I don't think they are as pigmented as say my Mac eyeshadow but they are comparable to others I've used, such as Bobbi Brown.

I tried Cosmic Bronze and I could use this as my everyday palette, the colours are light enough that they don't look heavy and they mix really we'll.  I also think I'd be able to dress them up either through layering or mixing with a couple of my Mac or Urban Decay palettes for a night time look which I haven't tried yet.

They shadows coupled with my eye shadow base also lasted really well and didn't crease in my eye socket the way some eyeshadows can as the day wears on.

I am surprised how much I like these products and they are at a really reasonable price point.  They also aren't just for a younger market, I'm in my 30's and they colours work for me.

I would like to see Fleur expand the range and maybe include a couple of lighter highlight colours.

Has anyone else tried this range what did you think?

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