Spring Beauty - Make Up Testing and Routine

The clocks have gone forward, the mornings are nights are growing lighter and the weather is supposed to improve - maybe! 

To prepare for the change in season I paid a visit to my local Clarins counter.  I love the Clarins team at House of Fraser, they have been amazing with me since I went in for advice last summer.  

I have really sensitive skin, I can be fine with a product for a few days and then suddenly my skin reacts to it or I can try something and within seconds my skin reacts.  It can be a bit of a nightmare, I would love to be someone who can pick up any product and use it without a second thought but that's just not the way my skin is.  

It's refreshing to find a brand that takes your concerns on board and isn't always looking for the sale which is why Clarins is my go to range of the moment.  Having been in earlier in the year I called my adviser Katherine and booked an appointment to test out foundation and concealer colours.  

I attended for my appointment and Katherine checked with how my skin was reacting to the products I am currently using.  She removed my makeup and checked my skin, she advised my that I have some visible pores around my nose and cheek area where I was experiencing some issues with oiliness and my foundation slipping by lunch time.  

She applied a face mask (Truly Matte) and checked with me throughout the time I had the mask on to ensure my skin was showing no sign of reaction.  After the mask was removed my usual moisturiser was applied as I know this one works for me (Multi Active Day).  

We then decided the best foundation for me would be Ever Matte, as I'm currently experiencing an oily  t-zone this would give me a matte finish which I could then control with powder throughout the day if necessary.  

Katherine tested three colours and made sure I was happy with the way it matched my skin.  She then applied this for me so I could wear it for the day to ensure I had no reaction.  I also tried two different types of concealer  and decided on their Instant Concealer in 01.  

Katherine then asked if I was up for trying their eye shadows to see how my skin responded to them.  So I tested their Ombre Iridescent pots with their eye primer.  

I was then supplied with samples of the pore perfecting serum, foundation and a highlighting base to take away and try before purchasing.  

I'm happy to say after several days I've had no reaction.  So my spring make up base now looks like this; 

With the rise of product availability, choice and blogging/vlogging reviews of make up it has become popular to mix and match products from multiple ranges and I have tried this in the past, but for me right now with my skin being the way it is I'm finding using one brand for skin care and make up base is paying off.  

My skin feels great with the serum and moisturiser I've been using from Clarins and now the make up is starting to come together and I feel comfortable and think it looks good on my skin.  

I do however change up my eye shadow brands, I am again careful to test where possible before purchasing which is harder to do compare to skin care but i've found several lines I can use comfortably.  For Spring I've chosen a Mac Palette in PeachLuxe.  


Product List 
Clarins Truly Matte Pore Minimising Serum 
Clarins Multi Active Day 
Clarins Special Eye Contour Balm 
Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base (02 Champagne) 
Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base 
Clarins Ever Matte Foundation (105) 
Clarins Instant Concealer (01)

Eye Shadow Palette - Peach Luxe 

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