2016 Reading Challenge - Book 9 - The Longest Ride

So I made a promise this year that I would be a better reader, I set myself a reading goal as part of the Goodreads challenge of 25 books - now that may not seem a lot, but I wanted to give myself a fighting chance as I have to divide my time between work, family, writing and reading.  So since 1 Jan I have read 8 books - Happily this week I've finished my 9th!  

The Longest Ride - Nicholas Sparks purchased from AMAZON.co.uk

I’ve read a couple of Nicholas Sparks books previously and always enjoyed them.  I will admit this one I hadn’t paid attention to and only picked it up after having seen the movie.  What attracted me to this story was the inclusion of a romance affected by World War 2.  
If anyone reads my other blog MY LIFE AS A WRITER, and if you don’t please take a look, it’ll explain my interest in relationships affected by war.

I started reading The Longest Ride a few weeks ago and it took me longer than I thought to finish it.  Not because it’s badly written there were just some places I found a little slow and I wasn’t as anxious to pick up my book as I have been with other reads.

While the movie is based on the book it does differ from the source material quite a lot, which in some instances I liked others no so much. 

There are two couples in the story Sophie and Luke are the contemporary couple struggling with issues such as money, jobs and their overall future.  Sophie is a college student who aims to work in an art gallery, Luke a bull rider who’s undergone a traumatic event leaving him with financial concerns.  They seem initially quite different but I think you could take away their ‘jobs’ and replace them with any other and the story wouldn’t be affected, at the heart it’s about how they come together as two people not about the backgrounds.

Ira and Ruth are the second couple, sweethearts and madly in love when Ira a haberdasher goes to war, returning somewhat changed by his experiences their story is a long life of loving each other and overcoming obstacles in their life.

I loved Ira and Ruth’s story and that kept me interested in the book, Luke and Sophie I liked but was compelled to engage as much.  The one thing I preferred in the movie to the book was the relationship/friendship between Ira and Sophie compared to how it plays out in the book. 

I like this book, I like the movie, I’d say they are what I would watch/read on a lazily Saturday afternoon, while the rain is falling outside and I sit with a nice cup of coffee and slice of cake.  Both are comfortable and easy to enjoy.  They give me enough drama, but not so much I’m pushed to tears or gasping at any revelation, the ending comforts me and I close the book satisfied. 

So far this is probably my top Nicholas Sparks book out of the ones I've read - anyone out there recommend any other good ones?

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