Spring Cleaning my Make Up Kit

As we move towards spring, not that it currently feels like it’s anywhere near with all the white snow outside my window, I checked my make box to see what I might need to refresh. 

Following a cold but not bitter winter I’m almost out of moisturiser so I booked a facial with the Clarins team to assess my skin needs. 

Spring Cleaning my Make Up Kit 
As my skin is extremely sensitive to new products sessions like this allow me to talk to a professional about my skin care routine and try products to ensure I have no reaction before I buy.   My advisor was great and we had a lengthy discussion about my skin before she started.

For the facial she used
  • One Step Cleanser 
  • Eye Make Up Remover 
  • Hydra Quench Mask
  • Double Serum 
  • Ever Mat Foundation 105

I had been using Multi Active Day and Night Cream for around three weeks by this point and we agreed this was still the right cream for me. 
We did however decide that my foundation had become a tad dark as I had grown paler over the winter which isn’t really surprising. 
She did however recommend a new version of multi active and I was able to try a sample. 

So moving in to spring I will be using this new day cream and night cream and also the  Ever Mat foundation in 105 to match my skin tone and give me a natural look while trying to combat my sometimes oily t-zone. 

I also took a look at my makeup brushes, now I’m not one for applying foundation with a sponge, I find more foundation lost in it that ends up on my face.  I tend to go for a brush or resort to my fingers.   I did however notice a new style foundation brush which was receiving great reviews so I decided to give it a try

The new toothbrush curve from Tonsee looks like a cross between a clothes brush and a tooth brush!  But I must say I found it really easy to use and the application was smooth and even.  The brush is densely packed, smaller than I had envisaged but on use it’s a perfect size for the face.   I apply my foundation in dots to my face and then use this brush in circular motions to spread the product over my skin.  It doesn’t soak up a lot of the foundation so I don’t feel like I’m wasting anything and it cleans quite well with a little effort.

In order to clean my brushes I also purchased this little gadget.  This is a travel size version of a silicone cleaning glove and it slips on to two fingers, it has two kinds of cleaning surface raised ridges and raised dots.  I used this on my foundation brush with a little cleaning solution and found the dots worked best for this brush.  I am yet to try it on my other brushes but I think it’ll work well.

My last purchase was a new set of Tonsee metallic effect brushes.  The kit contains;

  • Large soft powder brush
  • Angled Powder Blending Brush
  • Medium powder brush
  • Small blusher brush
  • Eye shadow Blending Brush
  • Eye shadow smudging brush
  • Eye liner brush

The brushes look great, they are light and do have plastic feel but the brush itself is soft and light and feels lovely on my skin.  The large powder brush is great and almost fly’s across your skin. 
These brushes are worth the £7.99 price tag as additions to my brush collection and complement the other brushes I use on a regular basis. 

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