Latest Read - A Meditation on Murder - Robert Thorogood

Robert Thorogood's novel follows Detective Richard Poole  and his team on the island of caribbean island of Saint Marie as they investigate the murder of Retreat owner/spiritual guide and all round good guy Aslan Kennedy. 

Richard isn't your typical Caribbean police office, he's more of a stuff English conservative who wears wool suits in the hottest of weather even if that means he faints every once in a while.  He's also someone who doesn't like to have a problem he can't solve.   Along with his long suffering partner Camille he works on solving the locked room murder.  
Five people enter a Japanese tea house to undertake the retreats sunrise healing ceremony locked in by Aslan himself only for their meditations to be interrupted when they wake to found Aslan dead.

So who did it?

I picked up this novel as I've watched the popular series on BBC which was inspired by this novel.  It's a very Christie like scenario, although there's a murder there's not a lot of gory details, it's more a morning coffee time novel than a dark and menacing murder mystery.

I did find in my mind I was drawing on my knowledge of the TV characters and to be honest there was no difference I think the TV series and the book are well matched and well played out.

The book follows the case and reminds you every so often of the suspects, the motives etc.  It was a well paced story and the characters are likeable.  The suspects are set up well with well thought out motives and you spend your time considering the plausibility of each one being the killer.  The clues are there for you to discover and solve the mystery along with the Richard.

This was a great read, it reminded me of the Marple series as it's quite a clean murder mystery and and easy read.

all in all a great **** read.

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