Christmas decorating!

I admit it I am one of those annoying people who can't wait to put up their Christmas Decorations and has Christmas music blaring from late November.

I just love Christmas.  I love the whole season.  Not only does it give you that warm feeling inside, people are generally nicer, politer and start to care  a little bit more in ways that maybe they neglect at other times of the year.

Anyway, this post is a bit of a rundown on how I decorate for Christmas.  I'm a traditionalist in one sense, I love my green tree (it is artificial - mostly because I'm not quite sure my dog Hero would let a real tree survive the season)  I use a mix of white and red berry lights with traditional style baubles and an ornate decorative ribbon.  The angel atop the tree has been in my family for years and despite protests she takes pride of place every year.

Hero & My Christmas Tree 

The inspiration for my fire place this year is my wooden Reindeer's, they take pride of place which my home made Christmas Trees, and framed Christmas cards which I've recycled from those I received last year

Craft Inspired Fire Place 

Being a bit of a bibliophile, obviously, I have a reading chair, somewhere cosy to curl up with my Christmas reads and a nice cup of coffee and slice of Christmas Cake!  

Christmas Reading Nook 

I can't wait to cuddle up with my current read.. in fact.. I'm off there now!  Enjoy your Christmas decorating!  

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