Hair Care Haul - Christmas Shopping Event

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and at the start of the holiday season your hair might be beautifully happy and healthy but there’s that chance all the cold weather, blow drying, curling straightening and party hair do’s are going to take their toll on your precious locks so when my Hair dresser Lynn told me she was having a Christmas Shopping event I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab a few bargains that might save me and my hair from suffering post Christmas blues. 

First off, a great hairdresser is hard to find and I’m lucky I found mine.  Lynne, Emma and Georgia at Hairs and Graces (Durham, UK) are an amazing team.  I have never once been disappointed in the results they’ve achieved with my hair. 

Right now I’m a blonde, I say that as I have a habit of changing my hair colour.  Naturally I’m dark brown/black with what my dad used to call Heinz 57 varieties, meaning I have bits of multiple colours throughout my hair.  Anyway, currently I’m a full head blonde with a few low lights as it’s winter (summer I have highlights through the blonde for a more natural look).  As my root base is very dark and I have a lot of copper in my hair a lot of Ash is used to even out the colour and make sure I don’t look too brassy.

This is where my first purchase comes in; the Fabuloso Christmas Kit “Colour Fluffer Xmas Lover” contains a toner conditioner, which is loaded with ash to help keep that brassy tone at bay.   This product is similar to the Revlon colour ball and works to add the ash tone to your colour with every use.  You need gloves to use it adding it to you routine after you shampoos.  You add around seven pumps depending on the length of your hair running it through then leaving it for around seven minutes to do it’s job.   This should extend the length of your colour and help with your hair’s condition. 

The second item in the kit is a dry shampoo, now if you’re like me I hate it when my hair feels and looks greasy so usually I add dry shampoo to my second day hair.  I’m looking forward to trying this as I have it on good authority it’s a great way to plump up your hair and preserve your look.

My second purchase is Heat Protector Spray from Indola.  I’ve been using this product for around three months now and I have to say I do love it.  It has a nice smell; no chemical tones like you get with some other sprays.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to and protects the hair from thermal heat damage.  I am a lover of curling tongs to give my hair a bouncy wavy look which can cause a lot of heat damage to already processed hair this spray really does it’s job in protecting the look of my hair and its condition.

I also made a new purchase from the Indola range especially for the Christmas Season, Volumising Powder.  This white dust is applied to the root in order to plump up without the need for vigorous backcombing.  I’m hoping this will help with those stunning up dos and on second day hair, which is in need of a boost. 

My financial purchase is a hair extravagance but in spirit of the season it’s good to give your hair a treat.  Moroccan oil comes highly recommended by numerous stylists and gets rave reviews where ever you look.  I’ve used the treatment oil for around a year now, and I do love it.  However I don’t use it as much or as often as my hairdresser would recommend mostly due to the high end price.  I tend to mix using Moroccan Oil with the OGX treatment oils in Coconut and Macadamia nut.  This oil is great on my dry ends and gives my hair a boost when it’s lack luster and in need of TLC. 

My Moroccan Oil kit also includes a Hair Mask, which works to replenish the moisture level of your hair.  This mask is thick and rich and it’s recommended you use it once a week.  Again as it’s a high-end price tag I would probably say I’d use it when my hair is in need of a boost or a bit more TLC than a regular hair mask can provide. 

I had a great time at the event and I can’t wait to play with all my new products over the Christmas season to create some stunning party hair.   

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