Weekend Who Done It

So if you're reading my other blog, "My Life as a Writer" you're already following the path I take when writing my novels, this blog is an attempt to illustrate what else I do and love in life.

Where to start, well I might as well start off with this past weekend as I indulged in something I do love.

I have always had a love of movies and theatre, so on Saturday I indulged my theatrical love and attended the Theatre to see "And Then There Were None" (Agatha Christie).

Now this not only plays to my love of theatre but also my love of Christie as a writer, in this 125th Anniversary year her work is still as entertaining and edge of the seat as it was then.

The show, which is touring the UK stars Paul Nicholas, Verity Rushworth, Frazer Hines, Colin Buchanan and Ben Nealon, and follows the plot of her famous novel.

On a secluded island a group of strangers come together having each received a mysterious invitation.  Following the path of a children's nursery rhyme they are murdered one by one but who is the killer behind the elaborate plot and what secrets are the guests concealing.  The story is so well weaved it keeps you on the edge of your seat, having some idea of the story already I was truly entertained by those around me guessing and debating who the murder was.

I won't spoil the outcome for any of you!  I will however say this was a great cast, highly entertaining and if you get the chance to see this go for it you won't be disappointed.

Sunday was a bit more of a hectic day, when I was little my Nan taught me to bake and it's a hobby I share with my Mam, (Yes Mam not Mum I'm northern!), I also work with the Fire and Rescue Service and as part of our mission to engage with the community the service hosts annual open days in each district it protects.

We were invited to the latest event to run a cake stall to help raise money for the Fire Fighters Charity.  These days are always a lot of fun, working with both the crews and seeing how the public respond to the work undertaken by firefighters everyday.

It's great to do events like this as not only do I get to work with my Mam, on a hobby we both share but I also get to have fun with the people I work with in a less formal environment.

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