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In an attempt to economise my beauty regime, I started looking for a lower price bracket brand which would still give me great looking skin, be organically based, but go easier on my wallet. 

I am someone who reads reviews and listens to recommendations and I do have an unhealthy obsession with Pinterest and Youtube, they are great distractions but can also be extremely inspiring.  It was on one of my early evening trawls through YouTube which often help me relax and clear my mind while writing, that I came across a vlog about  hair care routine for growing out your hair, now I know I’m really talking about skin care but there’s a connection I promise. 

So I was watching this video and  the product being discussed was from a brand called Andalou Naturals.  Now I dye my hair, I’m naturally very dark but prefer a lighter look, so I’m always battling to keep my hair in good condition despite the colour processes and my love of using hair tongs.  

Intrigued by the recommendation I sourced whether Andalou could be purchased in the UK, and what would you know is a stockist.  

Andalou Naturals are an organic range and garner great reviews so I decided to give their Shampoo and Conditioner a try and I was very impressed.   While it’s sometimes hard to get the shampoo to lather, you did need copious amounts of water to drench your hair first before the shampoo with later, however if a lather fails the first time, a second application usually does the trick.  The conditioner was also great and left me hair feeling really soft, clean and with more body than usual. 

Anyway, to the point, as I’ve had a positive experience with Andalou Naturals Hair Care I looked in to what other products they had a tester kit for skin care.  Now this to me is a great idea, I’ve lost count of the number of full size products I’ve bought only to have a reaction to and be stuck unable to use it. 

So I ordered the trail pack, which is intended for travel but gives you great sample sizes to figure out whether they will work for you. 

The Pack I purchased included 

·       8oz Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser.
·       5oz Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask.
·       1oz Clementine plus C Illuminating Toner.
·       .4oz Probiotic plus C Renewal Cream.
·       4oz Purple Carrot plus C Luminous Night Cream.

I tried each item in isolation and gladly had no reactions to any of the products . 

The cleanser was great at removing all traces of my makeup and helps to brighten/even out the area of redness under my eyes.  The Toner is also very refreshing, as it’s a spray I am careful not to spray too close to my eyes as it can be a touch drying on that delicate skin. 
I loved the moisturiser both day and night as they didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or tight.  I also had clearer skin and less visible lines and redness.  

Now reassured I wasn’t allergic to the products I ordered a full size lemon Cleanser and toner and have used them for almost a month and I’m really quite pleased with them.  While they don’t address my oily t-zone they work well on keeping my skin clear and bright.  I would say using twice a day they full size will last just over a month and is good value.  I’ve noticed since I started using these two products my skin feels soft and hydrated and looks clear and brighter especially in areas where I was suffering dull skin and redness. 

As I’ve had no reaction to the range and I’ve been quite pleased with the products I’ve been happy to purchase the following skin care items

  • Andalou Acai Plus White Tea Oil-Free Moisturizer 62 ml
  • Andalou Resveratrol Q10 Night Repair Cream 50 ml

I’ve had these two products for almost a week and so far I’ve had no reaction which is great.  It’s too soon to tell what kind of impact they are having on my skin but I am feeling quite positive so far. 

Andalou Naturals have a great price point on most items.  As it’s not a UK based company you do have to do some hunting about, carries most products but do be careful of the price on here as some items do seem a little steep while others are very reasonable. 

If you want to find out more about the range check out there Facebook Page - ANDALOU NATURALS  

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