My Make Up Evolution

When I was younger, probably around ten years old I started using make up as a daily part of my beauty regime.  For me the use of makeup was more about creating a mask rather than enhancing beauty back then, but over time and as I grew up make up became more refined less mask like but still providing me with a sense of comfort and some confidence. 

Like most teens I generally used drugstore brands, they are affordable and some are excellent.  However, like most teen girls I had issues with my skin and as I grew and my skin changed, it became apparent that I was sensitive to ingredients in some brands.  

Lancome Make Up 
By my late teens I moved on to more up-market brands, I became an exclusive user of Lancôme.   I used their full range of skin care and makeup.  I chatted with the makeup artists at the counters and often had make overs and skin care routines updated.  My only break in using these products was a six month period during my University Course where I studied overseas.  During this time due to difference in weather, diet etc. I used other brands available to me including Max Factor.  When I returned to the UK I gladly returned to Lancôme as it worked for my skin. 
I was a devotee to Lancôme for over ten years, until around five years ago something changed and I started reacting to products I’d always been fine with before.   I started singling out products and changing them to see if I could narrow down what the issue was.  I changed my cleansing routine to use Dermalogica which eased the reaction I was having.  Unfortunately it soon became obvious that there was something in the Lancôme Recipe I had become sensitive to. 

So, I started a process of testing and identifying other brands I could use.  After some false starts I decided to stick with a cleansing regime of Dermalogica products and eventually I went with Givenchy for my foundation. 

Givenchy Make Up 
Now, I’m a woman in my thirties my skin is changing again and I need to align my skin care with my needs which are;
  • ·       Sensitive
  • ·       Combination
  • ·       Oily-T zone
  • ·       Some redness under the eye

As yet I don’t need to worry about wrinkles, my skin seems to be fairing ok in that department.  I do however have sensitivity around my eye area following an eye surgery. 
My everyday skin care includes:
  • ·       Cleanser
  • ·       Toner
  • ·       Serum (Usually in winter)
  • ·       Eye Cream
  • ·       Moisturiser

Like most women growing up I tried to perfect putting on make-up now these were the days before you tube so even now I wouldn’t say I’m an expert!   I can generally say I get my foundation colour right, as I always consult with a make-up artist as foundation can be quite expensive.

My Makeup Products/Routine include;
  • ·       Primer (usually on special occasions)
  • ·       Foundation
  • ·       Concealer
  • ·       Eye Makeup Base
  • ·       Powder Eye Shadow
  • ·       Setting Powder
  • ·       Bronzer
  • ·       Blush
  • ·       Eye Liner
  • ·       Mascara
  • ·       Lipstick

My Next post will discuss my current favourite items that I’m trying out

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