My Make Up Bag - Currently Trying - Clarins

Now, I’ve told you about my makeup journey, I used to use make up as a mask now I tend to use it to enhance my features.  I’m no longer afraid of being seen without make up, but I do prefer to have a paired down routine rather than no makeup at all when I’m nipping out somewhere. 

Currently I’m overhauling my makeup bag, chiefly because of my sensitivity I need to know what’s out there that works for me. 
Over the last two years or so I’ve altered my diet – I still eat too many cakes and biscuits but I tend to eat a lot more veg, and even grow it myself.  I also try to eat more Organic food products as I find them more palatable and I find I feel better eating more cleanly.  Mind you I still indulge so I’m not a complete saint but I try to find a balance between the two!
Anyway, looking at my organic eating I decided I’d try and find something more Organic for my skin.  So I started with Clarins skin care and I’m glad to report I’ve had no reactions to their skin care.  I currently love;

Clarins Double Serum 
Double serum
I tend to use a  While I don’t have dry skin, I find during winter months I can go from being quite oily to quite dried out due to heating vs cold weather.  So I tend to rely on a serum to help keep my skin in it’s best condition. 
serum in the winter when my skin needs a little more care and attention.

Sensitive Skin Day/Night Cream
I like this combination of moisturiser, the night cream is thick enough to provide comfort over night when I feel I need something a little more intense than the day time.  The day cream has provided a great base for my Make up

Eye Contour Balm
This I find goes on nicely round my eye area and I try to use the techniques I was shown by a Clarins advisor.  This consists of a tapping motion around the eye area to help with drainage and a little applied pressure almost like a massage up towards the ear. 

Now for the downside, I like these products and they work well for my skin and a major plus, I have no reaction to them, however they can be expensive especially when buying multiple products.  Clarins do run a loyalty scheme which when making multiple purchases is a plus.  So while I will purchase these products again and will keep them in my beauty routine for as long as my skin allows  I also wanted to see if there was something out there for a lower price. 

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